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The Presidio (citadel), 290 years old in 2011, and the 232-year-old Chapel have existed since Spanish colonial times. The fort was relocated to its present location by Lieutenant-General Jose de Escandon of Mexico, away from the Texas Gulf Coast. The Presidio has the distinction of having had nine flags flown over the fort. The Goliad Massacre occurred here on Palm Sunday in March, 1836, and marked one of the bloodiest chapters in Texas’ quest for independence from Mexico. It follwed the revolting Texians defeat at the Battle of Coleto Creek and generated high U.S. interest and the resulting rallying cry, "Remember Goliad" heard at the Battle of San Jacinto when the Texians defeated Gen. Lopez de Santa Anna and his army. The former Officers' and Priest's Quarters can be rented for overnight lodging for four persons and has 2 bedrooms, a living room, fireplace, private entries, AC, bathroom and kitchenette . . . and the spooky aura that resulted in the Travel Channel ranking it one of "America's Most Terrifying Places."

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